Water Jetting and Hydro Excavation in Bay City, MI

For nasty blockages and persistent drainage issues, the solution is hydro jetting. Not only do we offer this efficient solution to plumbing problems, Thornton Brothers Sewer Service offers a broad range of jetting services, designed to deliver relief to your plumbing. We’re the company to call year-round for service—hydro excavation for summertime installations and hot water jetting in Bay City, MI for winter pipe care. Our abilities include:

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  • Sewer jet cleaning:

    If there’s a persistent blockage or root intrusion into your plumbing, we blast through it using high water pressure to clear sewer line. Water jetting is great for severe buildups, calcification, breaking up roots and much more. Plus, it’s totally safe for your plumbing and free of any harsh chemicals.

  • Hot water jetting:

    During the winter, old pipes have a tendency to freeze up. This not only creates ice blockages, it puts your pipes at risk of cracking or bursting. Hot water jetting is a quick and easy way to thaw frozen pipes caused by cold weather.

  • Drain fields:

    We have the equipment to flush drain fields up to 1200ft long, absolving blockages that may be causing issues with soil saturation or improper effluent drainage. Our drain field flushing is also great as a maintenance precaution, keeping systems free of nasty buildups.

  • Hydro excavating:

    Through hydro excavation in Bay City, MI, we use water to dig trenches similar to soft digging. This allows us to trench large area for easier installation of new lines and septic components. Let us use hydro excavation to expedite new installations or line replacements.


We’ll deliver restorative jetting to your pipes

Our jetting capabilities set us apart from other septic and plumbing service providers!

If you need a smart solution to a persistent plumbing issue or want a simpler way to maintain your septic system, contact Thornton Brothers Sewer Service today at 989-684-1400.

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