Sewer Services in Bay City, MI

Sewer issues will get much worse before they ever get better, which is why it pays to call Thornton Brothers Sewer Service as soon as you suspect an issue. We offer just about any service that may be required to keep your system in good working condition, from basic cleaning to power drain rodding in Bay City, MI.

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  • Power drain rodding:

    Have a blockage lurking deep in your sewer line? We use power drain rodding to absolve it! We snake drains to clear your sewer lines and ensure they drain smoothly and aren’t subject to lingering issues that may cost you to fix in the future.

  • Underground inspections:

    Using our optical scopes, we take a first-person view of your sewer lines in real time. Our cameras are fed deep into your sewer line, allowing us to see the nature of blockages, inspect damages, and give you proof of our great work after we get done cleaning your lines!

  • Soft digging:

    Need a new sewer line installed? We rely on soft digging to trench in new sewer lines. This minimally-invasive process preserves your property, while giving you the new sewer line you need to ensure proper septic function.

  • Sewer cleaning:

    Sometimes, tree roots can grow into your sewer line and impede its function. As a full-service sewer cleaning company in Bay City, MI, we’re capable of blasting through tree roots and cleaning your sewer lines. We even have optic scopes to show us exactly what we’re dealing with, so we can ensure the very best results from a cleaning.

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When there’s a problem lurking deep in your sewer line, contact Thornton Brothers Sewer Service without hesitation. We use state-of-the-art optical equipment to see exactly what the issue is. Then, we resolve it the right way, with tried and proven techniques.

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