Septic Tank Services in Bay City, MI

Septic tank issues can’t wait for a solution—they need the right fix, right away! When your tank experiences issues, contact Thornton Brothers Sewer Service 24 hours a day. We’re a knowledgeable septic tank cleaning company in Bay City, MI, capable of delivering just about any service required to set your tank straight—along with the rest of your system. We provide:

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  • Septic tank cleaning:

    Septic cleaning in Bay City, MI is the best way to prevent major, expensive septic issues from arising. During a cleaning we remove excess waste from your tank and ensure the biome is rebalanced for efficient waste processing.

  • Risers:

    If you’ve got a septic tank that was installed 20 years ago and 3ft below the surface, we’re able to take action to bring it to the surface. Rather than digging down and excavating it, we put in a riser so it comes to ground level. Then, we put it on top of an inspection cap to make long-term maintenance easy.

  • Grease traps:

    We collect grease and leftover oil from restaurants, commercial kitchens and any other commercial facilities that utilize these essential pieces of equipment. Let us help protect your plumbing and septic system from the dangers of fats, oils and grease (FOG).

  • Plumbing repairs:

    We have the capability to work with plumbing pipes and lines to deliver minor repairs as-needed. For larger jobs or repairs we’re not equipped for, we outsource to a core network of talented local plumbers. In any case, we’ll make sure your plumbing is always in good hands.

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Septic Tank Services

Whether you need emergency services for your septic tank or the time has come for routine maintenance, Thornton Brothers Sewer Service delivers a standard of service that can’t be beat!

We aim to be your complete septic service provider. Contact us today at 989-684-1400 for more information about our capabilities.

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