Drain Cleaning Services in Bay City, MI

Drain cleaning is more than just a basic form of plumbing maintenance—it’s also a cornerstone of keeping your septic system working properly. If your drains are slow to drain, clogged up or even backing up, Thornton Brothers Sewer Service is the drain cleaning company in Bay City, MI to call for solutions. We’ll get your drains unclogged and can provide insight into what’s giving them trouble.

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  • Drain cleaning:

    Cleaning your drains will keep them working properly and help you avoid costly clogs or worse, dangerous effluent backflow. We perform drain cleaning that flushes your drains completely, ensuring any blockages are destroyed and any forming obstructions are properly tackled. We can even use optic scopes to look deep into your drains to see a problem. And, if you’re dealing with something difficult, we can use hydro jetting to blast it away.

  • Drain unclogging:

    If your drains are bubbling, gurgling, not draining or backing up, you’re dealing with a clog. Before you start dumping store-bought products down the drain in attempt to fix it, call us first. We’ll use the right approach to free your drain of whatever’s blocking it and make sure it’s working smoothly, with no lingering obstructions.

  • Drain fields cleaning:

    Your septic system’s drain field needs maintenance to ensure proper drainage and effluent distribution. We clean drain fields in Bay City, MI, using up to 150ft of hose for this job. Our drain field flushing services will keep your drain field from experiencing issues that may demand costlier fixes.

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Unclogging drains for nearly 50 years!

No matter what’s causing your drains to clog and back up, count on Thornton Brothers Sewer Service to provide solutions that fix them.

We’re committed to restoring the integrity of your septic and sewer drain lines, so you can use your facilities and rely on your plumbing without question.

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