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How to Know If You Have Sewer Damage

October 1, 2019

The local plumbing system is complex, made up of numerous components that must operate correctly in order to bring fresh water into your home while quickly eliminating waste. Your plumbing won’t function efficiently or effectively if your home has any sort of sewer damage. As a sewer company in Bay City, MI, we always tell homeowners to take immediate action if they notice any of these signs of sewer damage to mitigate expenses before the issue gets worse. Unusual activity Signs of sewer damage manifest themselves in the beginning as small, weird changes. It could be a strange gurgling noise... View Article

The Benefits of Video Sewer Inspection

May 4, 2019

You may not think of sewer services as being on the cutting edge of technology, but there are many emerging technologies and innovations that improve the business of sewer pipe repair. The most notable is a video sewer inspection in Bay City, MI. Video pipe inspection makes it easy to see what, exactly, is wrong with your plumbing quickly and easily without having to tear into your system. Learn more about the benefits of video sewer inspection by reading below. Preventative Maintenance Video sewer inspection is a great way to perform regular system maintenance in an easy and non-invasive way.... View Article

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