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What Happens During Septic Tank Installation?

April 28, 2021

A septic system is necessary for millions of Americans who live in rural areas without access to city sewer systems. And while those folks probably already know what septic systems do, they might not know how they’re installed. We’re here to set that straight! This post will cover everything you need to know about installing septic tank systems in 48706. Obtain permits Just like with many projects that require excavation, permits are required before installing a new septic system. You need a permit because a septic tank is a risk to the environment if it’s installed incorrectly. Failure to get... View Article

How to Care for Your Septic System

April 15, 2021

The best septic system is the one you don’t have to worry about. To make that a reality, it will take a little effort on your part to make sure it’s always in top condition. The good news is that this is fairly easy to do, and there are even steps you can take to improve the performance and extend the life of your septic system. Here are some tips on septic tank maintenance in Bay City, MI. Keep up with inspections and pumping In order to keep your septic tank in 48706 running smoothly, you need to make sure... View Article

How to Prepare Your Septic System for Spring

April 1, 2021

Spring is here, and that means the ground is thawing, the trees are growing new leaves and the flowers are starting to bloom. Now is the time to check outside the house for any damage the winter storms may have caused, including to your septic tank system, in 48706. Have the septic tank pumped It’s vitally important to have your septic tank pumped on a regular basis. A septic tank is usually pumped once every two to three years, depending on the tank, to make sure to keep the system working well year round. Spring is an especially good time... View Article

How Is Gray Water Reused?

March 10, 2021

The term “gray water” refers to gently used water that flows out the drains in your bathroom sinks, showers and tubs, as well as from your washing machines. This is water that’s never come into contact with feces, meaning it did not come from the toilet or from a laundry machine that was used to wash diapers. A sewer service company in Bay City, MI can point out which fixtures produce gray water and which do not. In some cases, gray water might contain some traces of dirt, hair, food, grease or cleaning products. Though it looks dirty, it can... View Article

Buying an Older Home? Make Sure You Have a Sewer Inspection Done

February 24, 2021

Any time you’re looking at buying a home that’s more than just a couple decades old, it’s a good idea to be thorough in the pre-purchase inspections you perform on the home. While a home inspection is almost always required, additional inspections usually are not, but they’re often a good idea. One such inspection is a sewer inspection, in which a sewer services company in Bay City, MI will make sure all the sewer lines to the home are in good condition before you purchase it. Considering sewer line problems can become expensive and a major headache quite quickly, it’s... View Article


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