Buying an Older Home? Reasons Why You Should Get a Sewer Inspection Beforehand

Buying an Older Home? Reasons Why You Should Get a Sewer Inspection Beforehand

September 27, 2021

There are plenty of things you should check before buying an older home, including the sewer systems. Homes that are over 20 years old can often have several sewer issues that aren’t usually a problem with newer homes. That’s why it’s important to get a sewer inspection before finalizing the purchase of any older home.

Should I get a sewer line inspection?

The answer is, yes. Some people avoid getting a sewer inspection because they’re scared of the cost; however, they usually aren’t that expensive. The sewer inspection for home purchase cost can depend on many factors, including where you live and how long it takes to complete the inspection. That said, sewer inspections usually range from around $200 to $300.

Having a sewer inspection before buying a home can help you save plenty of money in the long run. If there are major problems with the home’s sewer line, you’ll want to know beforehand, as replacements can cost up to $5,000. If you want to avoid making an expensive mistake, invest in a sewer line inspection.

Old homes have old pipes

One of the main reasons to check the sewer line in an older home is that these homes usually have old pipes. If these pipes are over several decades old, they’ve likely experienced plenty of corrosion, which can cause rust to appear in your water supply. The corrosion can also cause materials in the pipes to calcify, which often disrupts water flow. Over time, corrosion can even lead to cracks and other damages.

Tree roots can be an issue

A common cause of sewer line damage is tree roots. If trees have been standing on a piece of property for many years, their roots may have started to grow into the sewer line. This can result in major cracking, leaks and even flooding.

Fixing a sewer line damaged by tree roots is no easy task and could take a long time—that’s why most experts recommend routine inspections of sewer lines on properties with trees. Scheduling regular sewer line inspections is a good idea no matter how old your home is. This will help you catch and fix small problems before they grow larger.

Give yourself some peace of mind

Still wondering, “Should I get a sewer line inspection?” Even if there’s nothing wrong with a home’s sewer line, wouldn’t you like to know before purchasing it? Having a sewer inspection can help prevent you from purchasing the wrong home. That said, if you’ve already fallen in love with the home and are willing to pay for repairs, be sure to contact an experienced plumber.

Taking care of plumbing repairs on your own is often difficult, especially if you don’t have prior experience. You can save yourself plenty of time and energy by contacting a reputable, local sewer service provider in the first place. If you’re looking for fair prices on sewer and septic services, contact the experts at Thornton Brothers Sewer Service today.

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