The Advantages of Hydro Excavation

The Advantages of Hydro Excavation

July 12, 2021

If you need to undertake a major construction or plumbing project, you’re going to have to figure out how to move a considerable amount of soil. You could go the traditional route and use manual laborers with shovels and heavy construction machinery like a backhoe, but there’s a better way.

If you’re performing a sewer excavation job, you need to consider the benefits presented by hydro excavation. This is the process of moving soil by using pressurized water. The displaced soil is then vacuumed up and sent to a tank in a truck. There are many advantages to using hydro excavation as opposed to traditional excavation methods—here are a few of them.

Safer for the workers

The traditional method for moving soil requires the operation of heavy machinery like a backhoe. If multiple large machines are required, this multiplies the safety risk to workers and passersby.

Traditional excavation methods also require fuel and electricity, which could create more potential problems. Hydro excavation doesn’t require any of the above.

Safer for the environment

Traditional excavation is actually a fairly destructive process. Depending on how much soil you need to remove and how far down you need to dig, there could be a substantial amount of backfilling required even when you’re done with the project.

Hydro excavation is less destructive and only removes the soil you want, all without using potentially harmful chemicals.

More precise

In addition to being safer than traditional excavation techniques, hydro excavation is more precise as well. This can make a big difference if you must take underground lines into account when you’re performing an excavation.

Saves time

Depending on the project, you may be forced to use manual labor and shovels in addition to heavy machinery to execute your traditional excavation.

This might be because of underground concerns or because a heavy machine isn’t able to be as precise as multiple people with shovels. Whatever the reason, manually digging takes much longer than hydro excavation would, which also leads to the next point on our list.

Saves money

Being forced to employ dozens of construction workers to not only help with the excavation but clean up afterwards can add up in a hurry. And that doesn’t even factor in renting any large machinery and paying their operators. If you factor in any potential damage traditional excavation may cause, you can imagine how high costs may climb.

But with hydro excavation, you only need two men and the vacuum truck, which can be parked a considerable distance away from the excavation site itself. The process is quicker, cleaner, safer and less likely to cause any collateral damage. All those factors combined underscore the fact that hydro excavation is not only a more efficient process than traditional excavation, but it can also save you money.

Call to discuss your hydro excavation today

Now that you know the advantages of the hydro excavation process, it wouldn’t hurt to know what type of projects it can be used for.

If you’re looking to perform a sewer excavation, give Thornton Brothers Sewer Service a call. We have extensive experience with hydro excavation and would like to show you how it can be a perfect way for you to complete your next sewer excavation job. Reach out to us to arrange a consultation!

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