What Happens During Septic Tank Installation?

What Happens During Septic Tank Installation?

April 28, 2021

A septic system is necessary for millions of Americans who live in rural areas without access to city sewer systems. And while those folks probably already know what septic systems do, they might not know how they’re installed. We’re here to set that straight!

This post will cover everything you need to know about installing septic tank systems in 48706.

Obtain permits

Just like with many projects that require excavation, permits are required before installing a new septic system. You need a permit because a septic tank is a risk to the environment if it’s installed incorrectly. Failure to get all of the necessary documentation can result in major fines or being forced to relocate your septic tank.

Thankfully, your septic system contractor should handle all of this for you, so you never have to worry about filing confusing paperwork with the local government.

Perform a site inspection

Now that you have all of the right paperwork, your septic tank contractors will come out to your property to perform a survey. The survey helps the contractors determine where they’ll install the tank so that it’s the correct distance from any structures, property lines and water sources.

Excavate the hole

Septic tank systems in 48706 obviously go in the ground, so our next step is digging out a hole big enough for the tank and pipes. The width and depth of the hole will depend on the type and size of your tank, but contractors do their best to make the hole as small as possible to avoid disrupting your landscaping.

Install the tank

Getting the tank into the newly-dug hole can be a laborious procedure, especially if you’re installing a large, concrete septic system. We may need to bring in heavy-duty equipment, like a crane, to move the tank from the truck to the hole. Because this isn’t a straightforward procedure, be sure to hire an experienced contractor to tackle the installation.

Connect the plumbing

A tank sitting in the ground doesn’t do any good if it’s not connected to anything. At this point, we’ll connect all of the necessary pipes to your home’s plumbing system. In this process, we ensure there’s a downward slope leading from your house to the tank, as gravity is a key contributor in moving sewage to the tank.

Test the system

We want to ensure everything is in working order before we leave. This doesn’t just include verifying that the system is holding waste but also double-checking that the system is properly filtering all of the toxins and returning clean water to the water table. Continuing to test the system yearly is part of proper septic tank maintenance in 48706.

Do you need septic tank assistance?

Installing your septic tank is only step one—you also need to have it inspected annually and pumped every few years. Now that the weather is warming up, now is a great time to call Thornton Brothers Sewer Service for septic tank maintenance in 48706. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our team.

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