Buying an Older Home? Make Sure You Have a Sewer Inspection Done

Buying an Older Home? Make Sure You Have a Sewer Inspection Done

February 24, 2021

Any time you’re looking at buying a home that’s more than just a couple decades old, it’s a good idea to be thorough in the pre-purchase inspections you perform on the home. While a home inspection is almost always required, additional inspections usually are not, but they’re often a good idea.

One such inspection is a sewer inspection, in which a sewer services company in Bay City, MI will make sure all the sewer lines to the home are in good condition before you purchase it. Considering sewer line problems can become expensive and a major headache quite quickly, it’s good to double-check that there aren’t any issues before you proceed with the transaction.

Some of the most common problems that arise in sewer lines include:

  • Broken pipes: Sewer line pipes occasionally break, and when they do, it’s usually due to tree roots. Just because you have a root cut out doesn’t mean the problem is eliminated—the root can still keep growing back into the pipe and cause some significant damage that results in leaks and flooding.
  • Tree root nets: If the tree root is small, it can get into the pipes through small seams or cracks, and then grow inside the pipe to create a net that blocks debris and forces a buildup that blocks water flow, leading to potential backups in your home.
  • Corroded pipes: If your home was built more than 50 years ago, the pipes were probably made with cast iron or Orangeburg pipes. Cast iron pipes are prone to corrosion and calcification, while Orangeburg pipes are prone to disintegration. You would need to upgrade to PVC pipes, which could be an expensive job.

Bringing in a sewer company to inspect the sewer lines helps you determine if any of the above problems are present, or if you are at risk for these or other issues.

You can also perform some simple tests yourself while walking through the home that will help you determine the necessity of an inspection. Turn all the faucets on full blast and flush the toilets at the same time. Pipes that are clean and free of issues should be able to simultaneously handle all of the water going down. If you notice a backup or slow draining, this could indicate a problem in the sewer line.

In addition, if the weather has been dry for a while, walk around the yard in the likely location of the sewer pipes, and check for any soft spots in the ground. If water is coming up, this could be coming from a broken sewer pipe underneath.

If needed, you can also invest in a camera inspection, which will capture images of the condition of the pipes from inside. If any problems exist, the camera will pinpoint exactly where they are located.

Interested in learning more about what’s involved in a sewer inspection? We encourage you to get in touch with Thornton Brothers Sewer Service for more information about our sewer services in Bay City, MI.

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