What Should I Do if My Water Pipes Burst?

What Should I Do if My Water Pipes Burst?

December 30, 2020

Every winter in Saginaw, MI and the surrounding areas, frozen pipes are a possibility. Winters are severe, and sometimes even the best precautions fail to stop broken pipes. When this occurs, it’s an emergency situation requiring fast action, so your home doesn’t face further damage. Here are six steps to take when water pipes burst:

  • Start disconnecting: Turn off your water main and all electricity. Electrocution is a high risk when pipes burst and homes flood. If water blocks your access to the breaker box, do not risk it. Find the main shutoff outside your home or call an electrician.
  • Remove valuables: If the flood occurred around important paperwork or valuables, remove them from the area immediately. Taking this step preserves your possessions and clears up a work area when emergency plumbers and electricians arrive. Once retrieved, take them to a room where they can dry quickly.
  • Document: Take photos of the damage, and keep business cards from plumbers and electricians. Evidence helps your insurance company process claims faster. If major appliances or expensive furniture was compromised, write down details regarding make, model, details and where you purchased them (if you remember). Check floors, walls and your foundation for noticeable damage. Keep this information accessible when you call your insurance company to make a claim.
  • Call a water damage restoration company: If your insurance company does not designate one, find a water damage restoration company and call them. They will remove standing water and start drying out the area. You want to make this call soon, as their efforts will prevent mold and mildew growth. While they dry your flooded areas with commercial dryers, help out the process by using dehumidifiers and keeping your heat set between 60 and 80 degrees. Open windows when possible to help humidity escape.
  • Remove water damage: Floors, walls and other areas within your home likely sustained water damage. There is only one way to fix water damage: remove it. Wet papers that do not dry are nothing but mold gardens, so dispose of them as soon as possible. Replace carpets and check floorboards for safety and prevent mold. Also, listen to your water damage restoration company. While their fans and dehumidifiers are loud and invasive, they are also the only thing standing between you and unhealthy indoor air quality. Keep this equipment running for as long as the company tells you to do so.
  • Prevent future disasters: After this experience, you likely never want to face a broken pipe in Midland, MI again! Install hard floors rather than carpet in your basement, as they are more resistant to water. Store paper in airtight plastic containers rather than paper boxes. Finally, add insulation to exposed pipes, or talk to a plumber about rerouting them so they are less vulnerable.

Have your frozen pipes turned into broken pipes? Thornton Brothers Sewer Service has you covered. We offer sewer and septic services in Bay City, MI, and we can address your situation in no time. Call us today to schedule an appointment. We’re open 24 hours a day for emergencies!

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