Three Signs of Possible Sewer Damage

Three Signs of Possible Sewer Damage

July 20, 2020

Your home or business has a lot of largely unseen components and systems that make a comfortable life possible. The electrical system and your HVAC system are just two examples of pieces that keep daily life running smoothly, but your sewage system is something you don’t want to overlook either. While it largely works just as intended in the background, sometimes it’s a good idea to know what to look for to monitor any potential problems. A clogged drain in Bay City, MI could be just the start of your problems, which is why it’s a good idea to know some of the warning signs to keep in mind.

Frequent clogs and backups in your drains

This one might appear pretty obvious at first glance. If your sink or tub is slow to drain after washing your hands or taking a shower, you’re probably under the assumption that you have a clogged drain in Bay City, MI. This could very well be the case, so you buy a disposable snake and try and clear the clog yourself. However, you should be concerned if these clogs happen over and over in certain drains—this could be a sign that you have a clogged sewer line in Bay City, MI and it’s time to bring in professionals like Thornton Brothers Sewer Service to clear up the problem and get your system back on track.

Plumbing that’s out of the ordinary

Once you live in a place for a while, you really get a feel for its rhythms and usual activities. The toilet sounds a certain way, and so does the shower when you turn it on. Once these patterns start to get a bit disrupted, it could be time to have the professionals come out and take a look to see if you have a clogged drain in Bay City, MI. Irregular sounds or actions from your plumbing could be a sign that your sewer line or main is in need of minor or major repairs. You might see water in the bathtub when you give the toilet a flush, or you might see bubbles appearing frequently in drains—these are all signs that you need to get your sewer line checked out.

Changes in your lawn

It might seem strange, but the appearance of your lawn can really tell you quite a bit about the health of your sewage system. Lawn damage in Bay City, MI like random patches of wet grass, unusually lush growth or spots that have indentations or bumps can indicate damage to the sewer lines below.

Your sewer connection is one of the most valuable and indispensable parts of your home. A good sewer line that’s free of any obstructions or damage is a key part of making everything work smoothly in your home plumbing system. If you believe there might be something disrupting your sewer line, don’t delay—call Thornton Brothers Sewer Service right away and let us put our 40-plus years of experience to work for you!

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