Which Chlorine Should Be Used to Disinfect Wastewater?

Which Chlorine Should Be Used to Disinfect Wastewater?

May 27, 2020

If your septic system requires chlorine tablets or liquid to disinfect the effluent, it’s important to understand that not all chlorine tablets are created equal. How do you know which chlorine tablets will be best for your septic system in Bay City, MI? Should you use liquid or tablet chlorine for your aerobic septic system? If you’re new to using a septic system, the following overview will help you choose the right type of chlorine for your system—and if you need further assistance, the friendly team at Thornton Brothers Sewer Service can help.

How do I know if I need to use chlorine?

You should know if your septic system is an aerobic system (meaning it uses oxygen to help treat wastewater) with spray heads. If it is, that means that it has a chlorinator, which houses the chlorine tablets or liquids until it’s time to dispense them into the wastewater. The type of chlorinator you have will determine whether you need to use liquid or tablet chlorine in Bay City, MI, as well as the amount to use.

If you’re not sure about what kind of septic system you have, ask a professional to come inspect the system for any issues and give you an overview of how to properly take care of it.

All chlorine is not created equal

Before you head out to the local home improvement store to get some chlorine for your septic system, we need to make one thing clear: all chlorine is not created equal, and it’s very important that you get the right kind for your specific septic system. That means you can’t just grab some pool chlorine and feed it to your chlorinator—it won’t be effective, and may even damage your system.

If you have a liquid chlorinator, you can use regular household bleach to keep your system running. Liquid chlorinators are newer than tablet chlorinators, so the age of your system will help you tell which type it is. Make sure that you use regular household bleach—not the splashless kind—and make sure that it always has some chlorine in it. We suggest scheduling one day a month to check the chlorinator and ensure that everything is operating properly.

Tablet chlorinators are more common, and can only use calcium hypochlorite tablets. Do not use pool chlorine tablets, and never mix the two—this can cause an explosion, and a septic tank is one of the last places you’d want that to happen. Most home improvement stores sell calcium hypochlorite, and your septic system service provider almost certainly will, as well.

If you know or suspect that pool chlorine tablets have been used in your septic system, be sure to wash the chlorinator thoroughly before adding the right kind of chlorine tablets.

When your septic system needs maintenance, repair or other services, you can count on Thornton Brothers Sewer Service to help. Call us today for answers to your questions about liquid and tablet chlorine and more for your Bay City, MI aerobic septic system.

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