Four Steps to Handling an Aerobic System Alarm

Four Steps to Handling an Aerobic System Alarm

May 15, 2020

Storm conditions and heavy rain often lead to aerobic system alarms going off in Bay City, MI. This normally does not occur due to an emergency, but because of power interruptions and your pump settings. Due to these possibilities, there is a good chance you can handle what went wrong without having to call your service provider. Here are four steps to take after your aerobic system alarm sounds. If these steps do not work, you will need to contact your septic technician:

  • Turn it off: No one thinks well with an alarm blaring in the background. The sound did its job, and now it’s time to disable it. Alarms for aerobic systems are equipped with a mute button nearby, and pressing that will silence it. You will not reset the alarm or the system—a warning light will remain illuminated. This just gives you some desperately needed silence.
  • Wait until the light is off: The light will remain on if heavy rain continues. This is normal. Wait until 24 hours after the rain stops to see if the light turns off on its own. Oftentimes, heavy rain floods under the lids and activates the high water alarm. If your system is on a timer, it will not spray down the tank in the middle of the night, and that also leads to high water warnings. In these cases, wait until the system sprays down after a rainstorm and then check to see if the light is off.
  • Check breakers: Sometimes, the only reason your alarm activated was because the power was cut. Aerobic systems have separate breakers that are stored outside near the system, along with a main breaker in your garage or utility room. Check all these breakers and see if they tripped. If so, reset the breaker and wait 24 hours after the storm to see if the system pumps down the excessive water. Once confirmed, repeat the first two steps above.
  • Reset the alarm: When the ordeal is over, make sure you reactivate the alarm or you will not get a warning if this or a more serious problem arises in the future. Unmute the system once you solve the issue by pressing the silence button again. While the next time may also be an annoying episode that requires handling, the alarm can also alert you to more serious issues, like a system failure or a broken pump.

If the alarm sounds frequently or these incidents occur even during light rain, you need to schedule a system inspection. As these systems age, they become less reliable and prone to failure. Take frequent alarms as a sign that it is time to look into repairs or a system upgrade before you have a serious, more expensive problem.

Whether you have an aerobic system alarm going off all the time or need septic tank services in Bay City, MI, Thornton Brothers Sewer Service is here to help. We are open for business as an essential service and can still offer free estimates. Contact us today to set up an appointment.

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