What You Should Know About Septic System Placement

What You Should Know About Septic System Placement

April 10, 2020

Have you ever found yourself asking, “Why did they place my septic system there?” There is a lot of planning and consideration that goes into the development of an effective, high-quality septic system in Bay City, MI that will last for years to come. The long-term quality and reliability of a septic system could be immediately compromised in the design phase if a poor location is chosen for the system.

With all that being said, it can be frustrating for homeowners to try to find the location of a tank or drain field if they do not have maps of the property clearly indicating where these components are located. You might find the septic system is not where you expect it to be, and especially if you’re not the original owner of the home, you might not know why it was laid out the way it was.

People often assume the septic system should be in the backyard, and that it should be a certain distance away from the house. Regardless of where your septic system is, it’s important that you know its exact location so you can make plans for improvements like landscaping, decks, walkways or driveways, and so you can avoid parking heavy equipment or vehicles on top of the system.

Here are just a few of the factors that might impact where a septic system is placed on a property:

  • Original homeowner’s plans: The original homeowner who installed the septic system might have also had plans for a pool or other structures like a shed, gazebo or deck that may or may not have ever come to fruition. If those structures don’t exist, then obviously you’re not going to be privy to the grand plans of the prior homeowner, but those plans could have been the reason for your current septic system layout.
  • Setback requirements: There are certain setback requirements that make it necessary for septic systems to be located a certain distance away from surface improvements, as well as subsurface improvements like wells (including neighbors’ wells).
  • Slope: Sloped ground will prevent installation of a septic system in the sloped area. There’s a possibility to grade the area to allow for the septic system to be installed there, but most homeowners would rather not have to add to the preparations that need to be done with the land to get the septic system installed, so they’re likely to look for other locations that would make for a less complicated project.
  • Topography: The topography of the property is also important to consider, including the type of soil, any hills, rocks or water, as well as other features of the land.

These are just a few examples of some of the considerations that go into determining where a septic system will be installed. If you’re interested in learning more about the planning phase for septic system installation in Bay City, MI, contact Thornton Brothers Sewer Service. We’ve been assisting area residents for nearly 50 years and would love to help you out!

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