What You Need to Know About a Sagging Sewer Line

What You Need to Know About a Sagging Sewer Line

February 14, 2020

Sagging sewer lines are a common cause of sewage-related problems. This is a scenario in which a sewer line develops a bend or low point after years and years of wear and tear. The bend in the pipe results in a disruption of the flow of liquid through the sewer line, as there is not enough momentum for that liquid to push past the slope. In this case, sagging sewer line repair in Bay City, MI will be necessary.

This is why, in an ideal system, pipes should be installed at a very slight decline, which allows gravity to do most of the work. This means water will always continue to flow down, even if there is a low pressure in the system and even if a sag starts to form in the sewer line. If the pipe is completely straight, sewage will still generally be able to pass through, but only if there’s good pressure coming from the source. But a sag in a pipe that’s installed completely level will ruin the pressure and cause some potential issues with the sewer line.

Causes of sewer line sagging

In general, the sagging of sewer lines isn’t an indictment of the condition of the piping materials. Rather, it’s indicative of the condition of the surrounding materials. Pipes are installed underground, and it is important for the installation teams to make sure they are surrounded with proper dirt and bedding. The bedding around pipes should be made to be extremely hard and firm so they are unlikely to sink or shift over time.

A lack of proper slope is also frequently to blame for sewer line sags. If the sewer line professionals who performed the installation work failed to ensure a proper downward slope, it’s highly likely the sewer line will experience problems even soon after it’s installed. This is why it’s critical to go with a sewer service you can trust when installing these new lines—shoddy workmanship could set you back thousands of dollars in repairs and reinstallation costs.

Sometimes, though, there are some conditions that cannot be foreseen or prevented that cause the earth to shift and the sewer lines to develop problems as a result. In that case, it’s nothing more than bad luck that’s to blame.

Take action when you notice a problem

There are certain signs that can indicate you’re having issues with a sewer line. The most obvious is backups coming into your home—if you see water coming up through drains, then you’ve probably got a backup in the sewer, which could very well be the result of sagging somewhere in the line.

Once you know there’s a problem, you can’t really handle the issue on your own, as you’ll lack the tools and expertise. It is important to reach out to the pros as soon as possible so you can repair the problem and avoid some potentially significant damage to your home and property.

If you’re interested in learning more about sagging sewer line repair in Bay City, MI, contact the team at Thornton Brothers Sewer Service.

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