Signs of a Sewer Backup in Bay City, MI

Signs of a Sewer Backup in Bay City, MI

December 5, 2019

Sewer lines are part of homeownership we seem to blissfully forget about, until there’s a problem. Anyone who’s experienced a sewer backup or damaged line knows that there’s nothing fun about potentially costly, time-consuming repairs—plus, when your wastewater leaks into your yard and foundation, you’re risking your health and safety.

If you see any signs of a sewer backup in Bay City, MI, call a professional at once. The sooner you get to the problem, the easier it will be to fix. And, of course, you should do your best to prevent sewer issues by having your lines professionally cleaned every 18 to 24 months.

Here are the major signs of a sewer backup problem:

  • Clogged drains or toilets: It’s not terribly unusual to have a clogged drain. Food, hair, toilet paper and other substances can cause issues within your plumbing. When you see that more than one drain is backing up or clogged, however, that’s a sure sign that you’ve got a serious problem on your hands.
  • Water backs up in other drains: Have you ever noticed that when you flush your toilet, water burbles up from the shower drain? That’s a sign that something is clogged in your plumbing, and the water is looking for some other way to escape.
  • You’ve noticed bubbling: If you’ve started to notice that your drains are bubbling, there’s probably some sort of obstruction in the pipes. You’ll be able to tell if the problem is with one drain or several when you perform a simple test. Fill your sink or tub up with several inches of water, then let it drain as you watch for bubbles. Similarly, flush your toilet and see if air bubbles emerge there. One drain might be an easy fix, but if more than one appear to be having issues, call a sewer service.
  • Your toilet won’t flush: If your toilet just won’t flush, even after plunging, that could be a sign of a bigger problem. Bear in mind that some bubbling is normal after plunging, but if problems persist, you may need professional help.
  • Tree roots: Tree roots can be a huge issue for sewer lines—they wrap around pipes and can damage or even crush them, leading to leakage. If you notice protruding roots or patches of your yard that are a little too green and lush, you may be dealing with pipe damage. Call your sewer professionals immediately to avoid further damage.

Trustworthy sewer repair and maintenance

Have a blockage lurking deep in your sewer line? Thornton Brothers Sewer Service uses power drain rodding to make sure your lines are clean, free of obstructions and safe for your home and family. Since 1972, we’ve been taking care of Bay City’s residents and businesses and their sewer lines. Avoid costly repairs by having us conduct a sewer line inspection and cleaning every 18 to 24 months. If you’re noticing signs of a sewer backup in Bay City, MI, call Thornton Brothers Sewer Service today to get a free estimate.

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