Does Your Homeowners Insurance Cover Sewer Relining Repair in Bay City, MI?

Does Your Homeowners Insurance Cover Sewer Relining Repair in Bay City, MI?

November 21, 2019

Do you know if your homeowners insurance covers sewer relining repair? Damage to your home caused by a broken sewer line can be devastating (and stinky), especially because wastewater carries many kinds of harmful bacteria and other substances. Unfortunately, there’s no simple, across-the-board answer, even within the same company. It’s one of those details where you’ll need to consult with your insurance agent, first and foremost—but there are a few rules of thumb that may give you an idea before you get a chance to talk to your agent. You might be surprised at the conditions that your insurance places upon sewer relining repair in Bay City, MI.

Act of god vs. wear and tear

You’ll need to look at your homeowners insurance policy before doing anything else—many policies include exceptions for certain events they consider “acts of God” (such as earthquakes, floods and mold), but they may also exclude “wear and tear.” Wear and tear is considered the average breakdown of your home or its components over time. The reason that many insurance policies don’t cover wear and tear is because they assume that you, as a responsible homeowner, will be performing basic maintenance on your property.

The problem is, sewer line issues can be hard to detect until it’s too late, which doesn’t help when you’re staring at a broken line and a costly repair bill.

Some homeowners opt to add additional coverage to their existing plans, which can include sewer or drain damage. Check your policy to see if you added that option.

Bear in mind that your deductible will also play a part in how much, if anything, your homeowners insurance will pay. If your damages are below the deductible, your insurance won’t pay in that case, either.

Preventative measures

What can you do to protect your home from sewer line wear and tear? The most important thing is investing in regular inspections and sewer cleanings from a sewer professional. Your insurance may even require you to submit proof that you’ve conducted these preventative cleanings before they will pay out any sum of money.

Third-party plans

Finally, some homeowners opt to get third-party insurance coverage especially designed for problems like broken or damaged sewer lines. This may be available through your utility company, or through private insurers. Be sure to examine any additional policies very carefully. You’ll want to know exactly what’s covered, when it’s covered and how the damage “should” occur before the insurer will pay out.

With regular cleaning and maintenance and careful review of your insurance policy, you can stay protected.

Learn more about insurance and sewer relining repair in Bay City, MI

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