How to Know If You Have Sewer Damage

How to Know If You Have Sewer Damage

October 1, 2019

The local plumbing system is complex, made up of numerous components that must operate correctly in order to bring fresh water into your home while quickly eliminating waste. Your plumbing won’t function efficiently or effectively if your home has any sort of sewer damage. As a sewer company in Bay City, MI, we always tell homeowners to take immediate action if they notice any of these signs of sewer damage to mitigate expenses before the issue gets worse.

Unusual activity

Signs of sewer damage manifest themselves in the beginning as small, weird changes. It could be a strange gurgling noise you’ve never heard before coming from an appliance, but it could also be bubbles coming up a drain. You use the plumbing in your home all day, every day, so you’ll notice if a toilet, sink or appliance starts behaving differently. While these symptoms might sound minuscule, you’re better safe than sorry and should call a sewer company in Bay City, MI to have someone examine your system.

Regular clogs and backups

Every so often, some minor blockage might cause a pipe to drain slower, but with time, the issue resolves itself and doesn’t cause other problems. That is not the case with sewer damage. If your home has sewer damage, your clogs will build up and your drains will back up consistently. The issue is most likely that your main sewer line is blocked and is not allowing waste and water to exit your property correctly. Do not ignore frequent clogs or backups. While it might not be an issue with the sewer system, you want the problem examined, diagnosed and fixed as soon as possible before things worsen. The more time you let pass, the more it will cost you in the end.

Changes to the lawn

The two seem unrelated, but your sewer is routed from the mainline underground, most likely right below your beautiful yard. If these pipes are cracked or broken in some way, all of the wastewater is leaking out beneath your yard. This unclean water will impact the way your yard looks. You might see small indentations or bumps, or notice puddles of septic wastewater pooling in certain spots. On the other hand, your yard might thrive from having all of that waste-rich water flowing underneath it acting as a fertilizer, and you might see patches of very lush, green grass.

Other signs

The biggest issue with sewer damage is that signs really vary. You might notice a sewer gas odor in and around your home. The broken sewer line could cause mold growth throughout your property. A broken sewer line also provides easy access to your home for rodents and insects. At worst, sewer damage can lead to foundation cracks, sinkholes and issues in the settling of your home.

If you suspect there is sewer damage in your home, contact a reliable sewer company in Bay City, MI to get a technician out as soon as possible. Thornton Brothers Sewer Service has the right solutions to resolve your sewer problems. For nearly 50 years, we have provided top-of-the-line solutions for sewer problems to the local community. Both homeowners and business managers trust us to get the job done right. Call us today!

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