Tips for Cleaning Out Your Field Lines for a Septic Tank

Tips for Cleaning Out Your Field Lines for a Septic Tank

September 26, 2019

Over time, it’s not uncommon for lines in a septic tank drain field to become clogged up, or at least become less efficient as they get coated with sludge. This is more likely if the owner has not kept up with proper septic tank maintenance and pumping, or if the septic system has simply grown old. The good news is that there are methods you can employ to clean out the lines in the drain field after pumping the septic tank. Doing so is an important maintenance task that will help you increase the lifespan of the system as a whole.

Here are the steps your septic tank cleaning company in Bay City, MI will take when cleaning out your field lines:

  • Location of important system elements: First, we’ll find the distribution box, also referred to as the “D-box,” and remove its lid. We’ll also need to find the lateral lines that travel out into the septic field. There might be as few as four, or there could be as many as 12, depending on the size and configuration of your septic system. We’ll make sure we’re completely certain about their placement before proceeding.
  • Inspection: Next, we’ll closely inspect all the lateral lines to determine if they have seen any sludge buildup. While doing this, we’ll remove any debris from the opening of the pipes.
  • Snake: We’ll then run a drain snake into every pipe in the system. The drain snake should be able to pass through relatively easily, so if we experience any resistance, this is a sign that you potentially have a clog somewhere in the pipe. We’ll push and pull the hose back and forth until the snake can move freely through the pipe without being hindered or restricted. Once we’ve cleared out every pipe to your satisfaction (again, we should be able to move the snake without any difficulty), then we can remove the snake and set it aside.
  • Fill: After completing the process of snaking the pipes, we will then fill up the D-box with water and carefully observe the effect on the water level in the system. A system that is working properly and does not have any clogs will never see water that rises above the bottom of the lowest pipe. If the water does rise to that level, then you still have a clog in your system that we’ll need to eliminate.
  • Hose: Next, we’ll push a garden hose through every pipe while the water is running on its highest pressure to help flush out the lines and remove any stubborn debris. We will then remove the hose once complete.
  • Final cleaning: If any sludge washed back into the D-box during this process, we’ll clean it out and then replace the lid to the D-box.

This process is not one we recommend tackling as a DIY project. Instead, you should trust this job to a septic tank cleaning company in Bay City, MI. Contact Thornton Brothers Sewer Service today for more information about field line cleaning and the other services we provide.

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