How to Know When It's Time for Septic Cleaning in Bay City, MI

How to Know When It’s Time for Septic Cleaning in Bay City, MI

June 14, 2019

Knowing when to have your septic tank pumped is vital, as neglect can lead to a whole host of trouble for the operation of your septic system. In addition to troublesome operation, a full tank could also disturb your family’s daily life and comfort in your home. Fortunately, your local septic cleaning company in Bay City, MI is here with this guide to help you identify when it’s time to pump your septic tank:

  • Sewage backup: One of the most noticeable signs your tank needs to be pumped is when the sewage that is supposed to be draining starts to back up. Unfortunately, if your tank has been neglected, raw sewage could begin to back up into your home, creating even more problems in addition to the full septic tank.
  • Timing: Just as your car has service intervals that need to be adhered to in order to keep your vehicle running optimally, your septic tank should have its own maintenance schedule. Although your tank might not show any obvious signs that it needs to be pumped, staying on top of this maintenance with consistency can help prevent backups in the future. In general, your tank should be pumped every one to three years, but your septic tank specialists will be able to give you a precise guideline based on your overall usage habits and the number of people in your home.
  • Labored draining: If the bathtub and multiple sinks in your home are all draining much slower than normal, or your toilet doesn’t flush like it used to, your septic tank likely needs some attention. The situation is only going to get worse, so make sure you have the tank pumped as quickly as possible.
  • Foul odors: When your septic tank backs up, odor-emitting gasses won’t be able to flow out as they normally would. This means that the smell could eventually end up coming back through your drains and toilets, creating a pungent and potentially dangerous odor.
  • Excessively green grass: Under normal conditions, the grass in the area near the septic drain field should be the same color as the rest of your lawn. If this grass is particularly green or lush, it could be because your tank is full and wastewater is being forced to the surface, and subsequently over-fertilizing the lawn. Similarly, if there are pools of water around your septic drain field, but it has not rained, it is probable that there is waste clogging the drain and causing an overflow. In either situation, you will want to have your pump looked at right away.

While you should always keep an eye out for any of these signs to stay ahead of trouble, scheduling regular septic cleaning in Bay City, MI can help prevent these issues from occurring in the first place. Our team at Thornton Brothers Sewer Service is ready to help you do just that, with over 45 years of experience maintaining septic tanks to ensure that they are operating optimally and efficiently. To make sure your septic tank can continue to fulfill your family’s needs effectively, give us a call to schedule your next maintenance appointment.

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