Signs You Need to Pump Your Septic Tank
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Signs You Need to Pump Your Septic Tank

April 2, 2019

If you have a septic system on your property, it is important that you keep up with routine septic system maintenance so the system stays in good condition and operates at peak efficiency for years to come. One of the tasks you’ll need to perform every several years or so is having your septic system pumped.

Many homeowners neglect their septic systems because they are out of sight and therefore generally out of mind. However, just because you haven’t had any issues with your septic system doesn’t mean you can forgo maintenance. Here’s some information from our septic tank cleaning company in Bay City, MI about the signs indicating you should have your septic tank pumped:

  • It’s been several years: As a general rule, you should have your septic tank pumped every one to three years, depending on how many people you have using your septic system in your household. A septic service provider will be able to recommend a maintenance and pumping schedule that is right for your system and your household. Staying on top of your pumping appointments will help you avoid a whole lot of unnecessary expense and stress in the long run.
  • You’re noticing more prominent odors: As your septic tank starts to fill up, it can reach a point where the gases in the tank have nowhere to go, and they end up coming back through your drains, toilets and drainfield. This is not just unsettling from a sensory perspective, but it’s also unhealthy. If you start to notice smells of sewage or sulfur, you’re likely overdue for a pumping.
  • Unusually lush vegetation over the drainfield: Does it appear that the grass and vegetation above your drainfield is unusually healthy and lush? This could be a sign that it’s getting extra fertilizer from a larger amount of waste liquid coming through your system. Have a septic service company come out and take a look at your tank and see if it’s time for it to be pumped.
  • Backups: If you have raw sewage backing up into your house, you need to get an emergency septic service provider over to your home immediately, as this could cause catastrophic, irreversible damage to your property. This rarely happens unless you have completely neglected septic cleanings for multiple years on end.
  • Standing water: As a septic tank starts to get full, water may begin to form puddles around your property, particularly over the drainfield and tank. Puddles of water are a sign that you should have a professional come out and inspect and potentially pump your tank.
  • Slow draining or flushing: If you notice your plumbing not draining as quickly as it once did, this could be a sign that your tank is full and needs to be pumped.

These are just a few examples of some of the signs that you need to contact a septic tank cleaning company in Bay City, MI for help with your system.

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